About Poemard Cellars

Who We Are
Poemard Cellars was founded in early 2007 by a wine collector and 25-year enthusiast.  Having first started to appreciate wine in his early 20s, the founder established a successful career in the world of finance that has allowed him to take trips to the major wine regions of the world.  Through his travels and interactions he developed his knowledge and appreciation for wine.  His goal is to share his passion and commitment for wine to an ever-increasing wine consuming public. At Poemard Cellars, wine is an integral part of our tradition as we celebrate family and friends.  Our approach to wine is simple: wine is to be shared, and the prices should be reasonable. 

The founder also manages Poemard’s Palate, which offers tasting events, as well as a blog on food and wine pairings.

What We Promise
Our promise is to make your wine buying experience enjoyable and easy by providing a selection of wines of exceptional quality and value from across the globe.   We are committed to providing the best possible service to each and every customer, and we aspire to ensure that your relationship with us is a long and satisfying one.

Our Team
Our team is passionate about wine and devoted to the services we provide.  Every member of our team has extensive wine knowledge and long-standing relationships in the wine business.  Our team samples thousands of wines each year and handpicks our selections based on their exceptional quality and true value.

What We Offer
We offer reliable access to a full range of wines that will satisfy collectors and wine lovers alike.  We help you discover new varieties of wine from some of the most exciting wine regions in the world.  We also have relationships with small, independent producers that are creating high quality wines at super values.  Regardless of your wine needs, you can feel confident in our experience and judgment when selecting one of our products.

Our other services include temporary storage for wine purchased from us that you don’t want shipped during the summer and winter months. In addition, our sister entity, Poemard’s Palate offers tasting events where wine can be purchased. Consider it for your next gathering.

Contact Us
By email at orders@poemardcellars.com
By telephone at 1-888-866-0345

Poemard Cellars
1083 Independence Boulevard, Ste. 212
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